In a tech-driven energy transition, Ofstar focuses on innovation, practicality, and accessibility. We understand the needs of families and commercial & industrial users, enabling us to design our products and solutions to make green, efficient energy for all. Our world leading IoT capabilities and advanced smart software algorithms largely simplify and amplify energy management. By delivering smart solutions and products that are reliable, cutting-edge, and cost-effective, we're revolutionizing renewable energy for everyone.

Our Vision

Power a Sustainable and Smart Life

Our Mission

Provide world leading smart renewable energy solution

  • Reliable

    Prioritizing simplicity and reliability, we provide intuitive, dependable products, ensuring the perfect synergy of practical capabilities and trustworthy design for all.

  • Cutting-edge

    Proficiently utilizing IoT, and emerging technologies, we provide revolutionary smart energy solutions, reshaping the landscape of energy storage and usage in an innovative way.

  • Affordable

    Focused on cost-effectiveness, we make sustainability and advanced tech accessible, leveraging economics of scale, global network effect and technological expertise.