OFSTAR at Solar & Storage Live UK 2023

OFSTAR at Solar & Storage Live UK 2023

OFSTAR Highlighted Smart Home Energy Solution at Solar & Storage Live UK 2023

Developing Low-carbon Life and Environment


October 17, 2023 - OFSTAR, a leading tech-driven energy solutions provider, showcased eco-friendly smart home energy solutions at Solar & Storage Live 2023 (SSL 2023). Customers from around the world have expressed interest in OFSTAR's home energy storage, balcony energy storage, and numerous integrated energy storage solutions used in various industry scenarios.

[OFSTAR’s booth at SSL 2023]

Innovatively employing market-leading IoT technology, OFSTAR is at the forefront of renewable technology development and continuously developing energy management solutions for the smart home energy ecosystem. OFSTAR can connect solar energy, energy storage, EV chargers, and home appliances like thermal radiators and air conditioners to enable customers to benefit from data records along with additional analysis to achieve efficient energy utilization by intelligently transforming household power-consuming appliances via smart home systems.

At SSL 2023, OFSTAR unveiled its all-in-one smart home energy solution that creatively integrates energy efficiency with its mature IoT ecosystem, giving home energy storage a distinctive value, revolutionizing how people store, use, manage, and engage with various energy activities, and offering customers an easily accessible smart energy storage ecosystem.

Transforming Our Way of Life: Integrated Smart Home Energy Ecosystem

OFSTAR demonstrates an ecosystem that combines both IoT and energy storage focused devices, including batteries and inverters, solar panels, and many other home appliances to build a comprehensive home energy storage system, collecting historical data on home appliances and making solar power accessible to supply abundant power.


[OFSTAR’s smart home energy ecosystem exhibition area]

In conventional settings, heating systems can only be manually adjusted in response to end-user needs, which will require a lot of electricity for heating during the nighttime period of peak consumption of electricity. As a result, the cost of electricity will rise dramatically. However, OFSTAR's smart home energy system's embedded AI algorithm enables customers to monitor energy usage patterns and rankings, offer energy-saving measures based on those trends, and set energy consumption limits, while end-users can see all the information via the OFSTAR App.

[Visitors exchanged ideas at OFSTAR’s booth]

In other words, the solution enables the integration of smart home technology with heating appliances like thermal radiators. End-users may easily choose the temperature and duration of consumption through the App, which directs the system to perform intelligent analysis based on predicted solar power generation, anticipated electricity usage periods, and other criteria. Heating appliances will be turned on in advance to provide heating for homes once excess photovoltaic energy is generated. This strategy almost eliminates energy waste from photovoltaic power generation while also lowering end-user energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.


Extended Applications: Solar Energy Storage System for Modern Balconies

OFSTAR’s balcony energy storage which can store the excess solar energy to provide energy at night also shines at the show. With more and more solar panels being erected on the balconies of many apartment complexes, balcony solar energy storage is a growing trend among local communities.

[OFSTAR’s balcony solar energy storage exhibition area]

Being a vital part of the home energy storage ecosystem, OFSTAR keeps its balcony energy storage solution more accessible and provides flexibility for customers to install. Customers can quickly and simply deploy OFSTAR's balcony energy storage solution on their own, and they can also swiftly connect the new balcony energy storage system to the OFSTAR App, and further manage the entire system together with the home energy storage system on one App.

It's important to note that the balcony energy storage system capacity offered by OFSTAR can be expanded from 2240 Wh to 6720 Wh, allowing end-users to completely utilize solar power and significantly reduce their electricity expenses. Meanwhile, the system has a longer lifespan than the average in the market which is over 6,000 cycles to maximize the return on the investment in renewable energy.


[Visitors learned about OFSTAR’s solutions]

More Potential: Industries are Seeking All-encompassing Support to Implement Smart Energy Storage Systems

As technology advances today, the energy sector will continue to expand and change rapidly. IoT and AI's extraordinary potential offer unprecedented opportunities for widespread use across various industries. Efficiency will undoubtedly be improved, and customers will receive greater value given OFSTAR's commitment to incorporating such technology to accelerate the energy industry's transformation.

We are still available to answer questions until October 19th at Booth S7, Hall 5, NEC in Birmingham, United Kingdom, as we work towards providing sustainable power solutions and changing the ways people engage with energy activities to foster a sustainable environment.

For media inquiries, please contact: vip@ofstar.com